Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thank you Hippie

see you soon.

Yes we’re animals,
born with this book of wisdom in our minds.
A book of our own minds - that we write, read and understand all by ourselves. It is the humanity to be accomplished on our own; it’s a fate, a curse, a Pandora box bringing all the definitions of war and peace, love and everything.

But there are nights, when we find it too cold to stay awake blindly, it is almost instinct that we tear off a few pages from the book and burn for the temporary warmth and light, then a few more pages, then a few more…though we knew we won’t be able to finish it, we will have to start over and over, but still won’t find some missing pieces of the puzzle…

We all have some part of our minds burnt by giving up to the darkness, which we all know too well. But we also find one another in this darkness, and by sharing and reading and helping one another’s writing, we will be able to accomplish our stories in a different way; we might end up being chapters or sections as part of a much greater book of the most beautiful depth, a never ending one, which will be continue written and shared by more and more and more and more “human” in the future.

by zoe